Myronivska Poultry Farm

Myronivska Poultry Farm (MPF) is a closed-cycle enterprise, which includes all poultry production stages from raising one-day chicks to processing the meat of broiler chickens. The poultry farm began operations in 2006. In 2015-2016, the enterprise’s facilities were extended thanks to the construction of three new poultry houses. Myronivska Poultry Farm consists of:


Broiler Chickens Processing Complex

The complex is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment produced by leading global manufacturers: Stork and Meyn (Netherlands), Marel (Denmark), CFS (Germany), and Poss (Canada).

Production capacity
2 production lines
Slaughtered per day – 460,000
Slaughtered per year – 141 million

Poultry produced in 2017
Per day – 810 tons
Per year – 250,000 tons


  • HALAL certificate;
  • EU Export Approval Number (23-07-32 PМ)
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (issue 7, certificate UA 15/818841853)

Poultry Growing Complex.

Myronivska Poultry Complex consists of 27 stations: 24 of them have 16 poultry houses, 2 have 20 poultry houses, while 1 has 8 poultry houses. We use state-of-the-art equipment produced by VDL (Netherlands), Big Dutchman (Germany), and Roxell (Belgium).

Poultry complex capacity (2017)
Chickens reared – 141 million/year



The Myronivska Poultry Farm hatchery is fitted with Pas Reform (Netherlands) equipment, and has a capacity of 2.2 million eggs/year.


Waste Processing Complex.

The complex is equipped with Haarslev Industries (Danmark) and Mavitec (Netherlands) machinery.


Waste Treatment Unit

The Poultry Processing Complex has a separate Waste Treatment Unit designed to fully treat organic waste. The process is based on bio-treatment technology using active biological agents. It is fitted with New House Technology equipment (Netherlands).


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