The Qualiko brand is an excellent choice for all businesses, which strive to provide a high-quality poultry product to their customers. We cooperate with a wide range of partners internationally, and have a deep understanding of their individual needs and challenges.

Why our partners choose Qualiko

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1. Reliable partner

Together with our partners, we carefully forecast the orders.

Thanks to the meticulous planning, we guarantee alignment of our production, logistics, and sales.

2. Quality standards

Our enterprises are BRC-certified and have introduced integrated food safety management systems which comply with the international standards.

3. Halal certification

Our company slaughters poultry according to Islamic Law under the permanent control and supervision of the HALAL Certification Center.

4. Wide assortment

Qualiko offers a wide range of poultry producs, including the whole chickens and chicken cuts.

We offer both calibrated and uncalibrated products to satisfy needs of different partners.

5. Fast delivery

Our impeccable logistics allows us to guarantee that our product retains all its qualities by the time of delivery.

In the countries of our operation we work on FCA or CIF incoterms.

Our partners

Qualiko poultry is supplied to over 80 countries. Here are some of our global partners.

Our production

MHP as one of the world’s most vertically integrated companies, thoroughly
controls the whole chain of the poultry production process. Using a vertical integrated business model, allows us to guarantees constant high quality standards for our products and full quality control during the production process.

100% of poultry is produced at our own facilities
7 824 000 heads are slaughtered per week
728 917 tones poultry produced in 2019
357 433 tones sold for export in 2019

Myronivska Poultry Farm

Vinnytska Poultry Farm

Our MENA distribution centers

MHP Food Trading

MHP Food trading was MHP’s first distribution center headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

The company was established in 2016, to capture UAE market and strengthen its presence in the Middle East.

The team of MHP food trading applies our global expertise, taking into account local market specifics. Adaptability and flexibility are necessary for successful global business acting locally. It requires clear and open communication, both with colleagues and with clients.

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MHP Saudi Arabia Trading

In 2021, MHP MENA had been heavily focused on expanding its territory by setting a second direct distribution office in KSA which will give the opportunity to be closer to Saudi customers and to better cater their needs.

Driven by the culinary transformation vision set by MHP and building on the growing market demand, KSA market opens up new opportunities to serve clients in different sales channels.


Qualiko offers a wide range of chilled, frozen and processed chicken meat. It is a smart choice for those who strive to provide the best for their families because it cares about customers’ health and well-being. Our products are produced with extraordinary precision in quality control, keeping the highest European standards.

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